Mitsuri (Demon Slayer) Cosplay Tutorials & Patterns – (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)


These tutorials will show you how to create your own Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay from Demon Slayer!

They contain guides to sewing an intermediate traditional Japanese garment, the Haori, and you’ll also be shown how to pattern and sew the tight fitted open-chest shirt and the blazer. We also cover how to make the paneled green stockings Mitsuri wears, from patterning to sewing and adding some shading for an exaggerated effect.

We’ll take you through the process of creating the Katana entirely from EVA foam, as well as painting the the sword with an airbrush in sections to get clean results.

And we’ll show you how to Dip Dye your wig bright pink and green and make her giant braids!

If you want a little bit of extra help getting results similar to ours, the patterns will make the whole process just a bit easier and faster!

Mitsuri (Demon Slayer) Cosplay Tutorials & Patterns – (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)