Cosplay Armor Making 1 – Construction (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)


Welcome to the 1st volume of our cosplay armor making series! Get ready to explore the world of foamsmithing and
armor creation! This book is all about construction and will serve as a foundation for working with foam! You’ll learn the basics of working with Eva foam and how to create
and construct your own costume pieces. From the materials and tools, techniques for working with foam, pattern making, and planning, all the way to building your own armor!
By the end of this book you’ll be ready to tackle your projects with more confidence and unleash your inner foam forger!

This book is 56 pages long with hundreds of photos!!

To help with your armor projects you can also get our full armor pattern sets (masculine or feminine) to make the building process a bit easier!

Armor making 2 – Detailing

Coming soon:
Priming & Painting

Cosplay Armor Making 1 – Construction (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
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