Xayah Cosplay – League of Legends

XAYAH League of Legends

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About :

When Xayah was released I immediately knew I wanted to make this costume, I dropped everything I was doing and got to work on her immediately, It was an interesting cosplay to make, I ended up trying a lot of things I’d never done before like making her bird feet and fake feathers.

Making of:

My Xayah cosplay was an interesting challenge as I experimented with some techniques I had not used before. One of those techniques was making a small clay model in order to create a pattern for my EVA foam bird skull. This worked perfectly and I was able to make a lightweight, hollow skull which I primed with woodglue and painted with acrylic paint. I also added some feathers onto the back of it and a cord to keep it on my shoulder.

The feet were probably the most challenging part of the costume to get right. I had to use shoes with the heels cut off and sculpt on the bird toes. I then used cut up strips to wrap around my leg. The dress was also pretty challenging. It has so many layers that I had to sew and I also then painted some weathering on the dress with oil paint. The belt Is also EVA foam covered in blue and silver fake leather. With some silver studs for detail. My Ears were made from EVA foam covered in red and white fur and my hood was made with blue suede and silver pleather edging. My Feathers on my cape were also made from the same suede fabric which I glued together and cut out. To make the feathers pop I painted some of the highlights and shadows onto them with oil paint.

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail and also comes with a video tutorial for the cape feathers and a pattern for the skull I made.