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Dark Magician Girl Cosplay – YuGiOh!

Dark Magician Girl Yu-gi-oh! Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial! About : Dark magician girl is a childhood cosplay I’ve wanted to do since I first started making costumes. I actually started trying to make this costume in 2012 but never continued past the prop and ended up scrapping the costume. I finally managed to make and finish the costume in 2018 after years of procrastinating and I’m glad I ended up waiting to […]

SSG Xayah Cosplay – League of Legends


SSG Xayah League of legends   Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : SSG Xayah was a cosplay I wanted to do for months before the skin was even officially released. Early in 2018 league of legends released a small preview of the worlds skins for SSG which included concept art for the champions. When I saw the concept for xayah with her white hair and blue dress I knew immediately that […]

Sister of Battle Cosplay – Warhammer 40k


Sister of battle warhammer   Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : In 2017 I received an invitation to compete at the MAGIC international cosplay masters competition in Monaco.  I had never competed at an international competition before so this was super exciting for me and I knew I had to try make something epic! For months I agonized over what I wanted to make for the event, I knew I needed […]

Android 21 Cosplay – Dragon Ball Z


ANDROID 21 Dragon Ball Z Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : I had wanted to make Android 21 for a while but when they released her evil “majin” form I knew I had to cosplay her immediately! I love doing double versions of characters so being able to do a good and evil version of her got me really excited!  [ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/2″ align=”left” class=”” id=””] Making of: To make my […]