SSG Xayah Cosplay – League of Legends

SSG Xayah League of legends

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About :

SSG Xayah was a cosplay I wanted to do for months before the skin was even officially released. Early in 2018 league of legends released a small preview of the worlds skins for SSG which included concept art for the champions. When I saw the concept for xayah with her white hair and blue dress I knew immediately that I had to cosplay the skin when it was released. When the skins were finally released mid year I dropped everything I was doing and started working on my new Xayah cosplay!

Making of:

The costume took me a total of 11 days to make, I was behind on a lot of other work so I had to go quickly! Unfortunately I suffered a lot of setbacks during the creation of this costume! Its deceptively easy but the simple aspects can be tricky to get looking just right! I ended up remaking my dress 3 times because I had issues with the emblem on the front and the trim around the bottom. I finally settled on using velvet pieces which I cut out and burned around the edges to seal them. I then glued them onto my dress. The bottom of the dress edging was made from EVA foam covered in silver pleather from Yaya Han’s fabric line. To make my big feather cape for Xayah I also used velvet pieces which I glued together using aplique paper. I then painted on top of the feathers with light blue oil paint to add the lined. Most of my Armor was made using EVA foam. The shoulder piece was modeled and 3D printed by my boyfriend Eric. We know not everyone has a 3D printer so we also made an EVA foam pattern with my Xayah tutorial pack so that people can still make it with foam themselves. Everything was painted with acrylic airbrush paints and shaded with some oil paints. My ears were made from worbla covered in fake fur which I painted the gradient onto also using my airbrush. The bird feet I have were the feet I made for my previous Xayah cosplay which I just glued onto a new shoe and repainted!

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail for each of the characters.