Sister of Battle Cosplay – Warhammer 40k

Sister of battle warhammer

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About :

In 2017 I received an invitation to compete at the MAGIC international cosplay masters competition in Monaco.  I had never competed at an international competition before so this was super exciting for me and I knew I had to try make something epic! For months I agonized over what I wanted to make for the event, I knew I needed something big, something bigger than I’d ever made before, but it also had to be super detailed and have a variety of techniques involved. After some searching I found the Sister of battle model by Gurjeet Singh based on the original concept work by Ted Beargeon and knew this was what I was going to make. It had everything! First off the sisters of battle are HUGE! They are fully armored and the armor is so incredibly intricate and detailed, the more you look at it the more you see! There’s little beads and buckles and wear and tear and emblems all over the costume, It’s got leather aspects, sewing aspects, crafting aspects and even badass makeup. I don’t think I could ask for more when wanting to make a costume. The sister of battle took me 5 weeks to make,to put that into perspective my normal armor sets take about 2-3 weeks to make. It is one of the biggest costumes I have ever made and the most detailed and it pushed me to my limits in terms of crafting and I absolutely love that because that’s when I get the most out of a costume! The sister of battle costume is one of the most challenging builds I have done, It’s also one of the hardest costumes to wear for long periods of time but It is probably my favourite costume to date. When I put the costume on I feel absolutely badass and I love it! I may not have placed at the competition but It was an absolutely incredibly experience to be part of, I made so many new friends, got to see a new country and I was so proud of the costume I had made that I still felt like I won at the end of the day.

Making of:

The sister of battle costume had a lot of different aspects on it and because of that I had to use a lot of different materials Most of my armor was built with a combination of EVA foam and worbla. The breastplate, hand pieces, thighs and shoes were all worbla. The Arms, shoulders, backpack and legs were EVA foam.  The details on the armor were the real killer though, we used hundreds of googly eyes, worbla scraps, worbla deco art, epoxy sculpt, small pipes I got from the hardware store and even did some 3D printed buckles and skulls to go all over the place.   Eric also 3D printed the bolt pistol for me, he modeled it himself and we printed it on our printer, I then pieced it together and cleaned it up. My sword was made from EVA foam, worbla and pvc pipe and the handle even detaches to make the sword fit into my bag for travel. To help with travel we used plastidip to prime a lot of the pieces and I then airbrushed the armor with my silver createx paints. Underneath all that armor I did also have to do a bit of sewing, including making the gloves, arm covers, the jacket and flaps which I made from textured velvet and gold vinyl and some silver leg covers made from silver stretch pleather. I had to make my own belts too which I cut and sewed from fake leather, strung all my black beads to it and added our 3D printed emblems. We also then added buckles and studs to the belt   To complete the look I also got a matilda wig in victory blonde from arda wigs, and although it broke my heart to cut it so short it was the only lace front in that colour which is the perfect colour for the sister of battle!

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail for each of the characters.

Photo by Lescargotgraphe
Photo by newday photo agency
Photo by Conrad Knuist