Spirit Blossom Ahri (League Of Legends) Cosplay Tutorials & Patterns – (PDF)


These tutorials will show you how to create your own Spirit Blossom Ahri cosplay from League of Legends!

The tutorial pack includes 4 books, each filled with step by step photos and a written explanation of how to make the cosplay.

The books show you how to create poseable fox ears using faux fur and wire and how to create a big fluffy fox tail and harness! You will also learn how to pattern and sew a custom kimono, make your own bias tape, create beautiful gold foam edges and work with heat transfer vinyl! This costume is very detailed so the tutorial is full of amazing techniques and tips which can be used for other costumes as well!

We also have a full pattern set for this entire costume!

If you want a little bit of extra help getting results similar to ours, the patterns will make the whole process just a bit easier and faster!