KDA Akali All Out (League of Legends) Cosplay Tutorials & Patterns – (PDF)


These tutorials will show you how to create a KDA Akali – All out cosplay from League of Legends!

The tutorial comes with 4 books with step by step instructions and pictures showing you how to create the entire costume, accessories and the wig. They will show you how to create your own custom patterns for sewing and how to sew and construct all the pieces.

The tutorial also shows intermediate sewing, showing how to create a fully lined jacket, using interfacing to stabilize fabric, how to create your own lace front and create a pulled back ponytail and how to create all kind of amazing intricate details on this costume!

To go with these tutorial we also have a full Akali pattern set for the costume and accessories! These patterns will make the whole process just a bit easier and faster!