Mega Gnar (Gladzy Kei) – League of Legends

Mega Gnar

Designed by Gladzy Kei

League of Legends

Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!

About :

My Mega gnar cosplay was designed by the amazing Gladzy Kei art and cosplay. I wanted the design to look wild and fierce and covered in lots of fun details and she surpassed my every expectation! I had so much fun making this costume with all the little bones and details everywhere!

Making of:

To make this costume I use a lot of blue and red fake fur, I also used a lot of worlbla deco art pellets to make all the little bone details all over the costumes as well as my orc fangs. To make the skull on my head I made my own pattern for it using a small scultpure and then built it out of 5mm EVA foam. The ears were made of worbla and covered in more red and blue fur and airbrushed inside with acrylic paint The wig was my absolute favourite part of the whole costume. I used blue and red roving wool to make dreadlocks and braids which I wrapped in leather cord, glued little bronze details to and then added feathers. I also had to make huge monster feet from EVA foam which I covered in fur.  

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail for each of the characters.