Gatomon Cosplay – Digimon

Gatomon Digimon

Gatomon is a costume I have actually made twice! I originally made the cosplay back in 2014, I had very little knowledge of sewing at the time so it wasn’t a very neat cosplay and it fell a bit flat. I tried my best to make my own design for the character, I wanted it to be cute with a cat ear hoodie, big paws and some white shorts and stockings. I wasn’t unhappy with the costume I had initially made but I always felt it was lacking a bit. 
Fast forward to 4 years later and I had wanted to really redo it for a long time. After reaching one of my sub goals on twitch the opportunity finally arose! After reaching the goal I planned to do a 12 hour cosplay stream where I would sit down and try make a costume in a day. I put up several characters in a vote and Gatomon won! 

So I sat down during stream and made the costume again, this time with far more knowledge and experience than before. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish in time, I had to work on it for an extra day but by the end of it I was much happier! I even used the same materials I used 4 years earlier, the only difference was my ability to use them! I could Now sew my jacket properly even with a colour inside the hood, I made my paws lined inside (previously they had only had stuffing inside where my hands went in) and the fit and proportions on the costume I felt were much better and more flattering. I even got to do some fun makeup which I didn’t know how to do the first time.

Making of:

The hoodie for my Gatomon cosplay was made from white tracksuit fabric, I used an existing hoodie I had to make my pattern. To line the inside of my hood I used some purple scuba. The Gatomon ears were made from EVA foam which was covered in white fur and airbrushed with pink and purple paint. My gloves were made from lime green and orange felt which were stuffed with pillow stuffing and the claws were made from EVA foam which I covered in black stretch pleather. I also sewed my own shorts and top using white scuba, again patterned from my own clothes and made some bands and a cage bra from white elastics.