Dark Magician Girl Cosplay – YuGiOh!

Dark Magician Girl Yu-gi-oh!

Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!

About :

Dark magician girl is a childhood cosplay I’ve wanted to do since I first started making costumes. I actually started trying to make this costume in 2012 but never continued past the prop and ended up scrapping the costume. I finally managed to make and finish the costume in 2018 after years of procrastinating and I’m glad I ended up waiting to complete it at a later stage after having learnt various new techniques.

Making of:

The 2 main materials I used for my DMG cosplay were blue scuba which is a thick stretch fabric and pink stretch pleather. To make the big shoes and the hat I used EVA foam which I then covered in my fabrics, this allows them to keep their shape but also remain soft enough that they can be bent and packed easily for travel purposes!

My arm armor was also made from EVA foam which was painted with acrylic airbrush paints. The gems all over the costume were cast in clear resin and we 3D printed some small gem casings to make the finish look nice and neat. we also 3D printed the staff which Eric modeled. The necklace and the swirl on my hat were both made from worbla. My wig for this costume is a Matilda in fairy blonde from Arda wigs!

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail for each of the characters.