Android 21 Cosplay – Dragon Ball Z

ANDROID 21 Dragon Ball Z

Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!

About :

I had wanted to make Android 21 for a while but when they released her evil “majin” form I knew I had to cosplay her immediately! I love doing double versions of characters so being able to do a good and evil version of her got me really excited! 

Making of:

To make my C21 cosplay I sewed my own dress using blue and red scuba fabric, I made the pattern using clothing I had in my cupboard and altered it to be what the dress actually look like. I also made the coat myself using white bull denim, once again making a pattern for it myself using a long sleeve button up shirt I already had. I also customized my own shoes to match the red and blue shoes she wear and finally I got a matilda in dark copper red from arda and styled it with got2b glued hairspray. My own actual glasses even matched c21’s glasses so I didn’t have to try find a new pair.

  For the Evil C21 I made my own patterns for the arms and top, And for the pants I kinda just had to guess and do my best! I drew out a huge pants pattern and made lots of messy pleaths to make it look gathered. I made all her accessories from worbla and then got some red and black sclera’s to complete the look. I used pink surpracolour bodypaint from kryolan for my skin and just like with classic C21 I used a silver matilda and styled it.  

The full cosplay tutorial booklet for this cosplay is available here!

It goes over each piece step by step in detail for each of the characters.