The support from Patreon allows me to devote my time to cosplay and creating new costumes and content much faster. Because of patreon I am able to create at least one costume every single month, sometimes more! It also means I’ll be able to spend more time creating more helpful content like cosplay tutorials as well as doing things like Q+A sessions in order to help other cosplayers with their own costume creation.

My Patreon is centered around teaching and providing resources for other cosplayers and crafters. Every month I create a digital booklet showing how my costume is made from start to finish, I also do a video tutorial with full voice over and I send out a template for either a weapon or armor piece that patrons can use to help them with their own costumes. For people who want more personalized help I offer 45 minute skype consultations where I will sit down and chat to you about the cosplays you are working or plan to work on and any questions or problems you may have in relation to them.

Through patreon you can also get monthly wallpapers and prints of your choice, and for some of the higher tiers you can even choose cosplays for me to do!

For more information of the tiers and their respective rewards be sure to check out my patreon page here 


patreon rewards


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